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Power Up Your Performance

Often personal trainers are confused with strength and conditioning professionals. Personal trainers work primarily with the general population and some special populations while strength and conditioning coaches work primarily with athletes. 

Athletic programs are focused on power, speed, sports specific movements and endurance training. The goal is to improve in game performance and and reduce the risk of injury.

Sports Clinics

Our sports clinics are focused on improving in game performance while reducing the risk of injury. We believe athletes must first develop a solid foundation before moving on to explosive sports training. Clinics include power, speed, agility, mobility and movement mechanics training relative to all sports.  Clinics range from 60-90-minutes, 

All athletes will perform a movement screening and health assessment. 

Combine Testing

Atlas offers athletic testing for all sports. 

 Athletic Testing is based on a variety of  tests including:

  • Vertical Jump Test

  • Lateral Agility Test

  • 10 Yard Dash Test

  • Shuttle Run

  • Long Jump

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