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Weight Loss & Wellness


Weight Loss

To get in shape, you need to eat right AND exercise. One will not do the trick without the other. Rather than obsess about crazy workouts or counting calories, the most important change you can make to promote weight loss is to alter your environment and your habits in order to make healthy living second nature.

Change your current habits and start your routine to see results! It is all about having the motivation, ability and a trigger to change. We live in a mostly unhealthy world, so we need to create our own healthy environment and design it to make it easy to do the right thing. That is how we create health, which is the key to success in weight loss and transformation of mind and body.


We are happy to help you reach your weight loss goals. We are affiliated with a doctor supervised weight loss program, but we also have general weight loss protocols as well.


There is a popular debate about whether or not supplements are necessary for health and or performance enhancement. Every person’s body is different, but considering the change in the food supply over the last 50 years, it is almost impossible to get all your nutrients and antioxidants from food. Proper nutrition is extremely important for both health and sports performance. Our bodies require carbohydrates, fat, protein, water, vitamin, and minerals. Without these proper building blocks, we cannot operate efficiently, which puts us at a metabolic disadvantage. Additionally, exercising increases nutritional demands, so it is even harder to get everything that your body needs if you are active. Therefore, to make the most of your performance, supplementation is necessary to meet your basic needs and excel.

The biggest problem with the supplement industry is it is unregulated. It is not treated the same as prescription drugs and is not regulated by the FDA or FTC. Supplements are considered a food! This is the reason is especially important to buy supplements from brands that are reputable and trustworthy. Not all supplements are created equal.

One of the problems with supplements is the quality and purity of the products. First, the quality and purity of the raw ingredients is important to ensure effectiveness. You want the highest quality product and you want to ensure that the product contains what it states on the labels. Some brands do not contain the quantities of active ingredients that are listed on the label. Additionally, some supplements contain unwanted ingredients that are not on the label and may have side effects. Some independent organizations have started testing supplements and you want to ensure the brand you buy has the seal of approval from an independent third party.

Another problem is that many supplements have not been properly tested and the potential risks and side effects are unknown. Further, supplements can make claims about their products without any scientific evidence.

We sell top quality supplements that are sold only to health practitioners. Please contact to discuss your supplements needs.

Corporate Wellness

What is Corporate Wellness?

Corporate Wellness Programs are designed to promote employee health and wellness. These programs help to prevent and help both physical and mental health issues. Companies that provide wellness programs save money on health care expenses and improve overall workplace productivity and attendance.

As we continue to see a steady increase in the cost of health care, it has become imperative for companies to find ways to drive down employee health care costs. A few staggering statistics prove that we all must do more to address this issue. Since 1999, employment-based health insurance premiums have increased 120% compared to a 44% increase in cumulative inflation and a 29% increase in wages during the same time frame. Additionally, preventable illness makes up 80% of the burden of all illnesses and 90% of all healthcare costs.

The average cost of health care in the US rose from approximately $4000 per person in 1997 to $8000 per person in 2008. That is a cost of $32,640 for a family of four, according to the latest Health and Human Services Report.

How Atlas Can Help?

Need corporate wellness, Atlas can help. Atlas will work directly with your HR department to create a custom plan for employees  that may qualify for discounts on insurance premiums and other financial incentives.

A common misconception is that setting up a corporate wellness program is expensive and time consuming. This is not the case at all; in fact, there is no cost for an analysis and initial set up. If we do not save you money, there is no charge for any services. It is not necessary to change insurance brokers to implement a corporate wellness program. We can work directly with your provider.

Atlas has 3 locations in Westchester. These fitness facilities are located in office parks, which gives employees easy access to services that may qualify them for premium discounts. 

Atlas's corporate wellness services include:

  • evaluate current health insurance policies for wellness incentives

  • provide compliant wellness education programs based on carrier requirements

  • set up discount programs with local gyms and approved service providers for all corporate wellness participants.

  • provide education on health related topics requested by employees

  • monthly exercise education programs and free online videos to insure participants are exercising properly

  • lectures on proper diet and ways to eat healthy in the office or on the road


Atlas has contracts with doctors and dietitians that exceed corporate wellness compliance standards. Since we specialize in this area, we are often able to save companies and employees thousands of dollars. For example, many people do not know that flexible spending account money can be used towards gym and wellness services, such as massage therapy and personal training. Contact us today to learn more about getting the most benefits from your corporate wellness program at or call 914-368-8014


Atlas Health and Performance

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